4 Reasons Why a Luxury Condo at Windsor Park Is the Perfect Place to Live

Windsor Park in Edmonton, Alberta, is a prestigious neighborhood in close proximity to the University of Alberta, one of the top Canadian universities. With several luxurious new housing developments being built here, this is now more than ever a desirable location to live in.

The first reason that luxury condos in the area make for some of the best places to live in Edmonton is that they are near some of the best parks and golf courses in the region. This is perfect for those that like to spend time enjoying the city’s green spaces as well as practicing sporting activities with their friends and business associates.

Situated close by to the new luxury condos in Windsor Park are the William Hawrelak Park, the Mayfair Golf and Country Club, Emily Murphy Park and the Victoria Golf Course. Several of the city’s green spaces can be accessed by foot, or are just a short ride away on public transport or by car.

Residents of the area can also easily access the city’s ‘Ribbon of Green’, which connects a 48 kilometre stretch along the Saskatchewan River Valley. Many people are also surprised to learn that Edmonton’s park system is the largest expanse of urban parkland in North America, perfect for those that want the convenience of the city combined with the beauty of nature.

The second reason why investing in some of the new property in this area is a great idea is because this area of Edmonton is extremely well connected with various public transport options. This makes the condos and homes for sale here perfect for children travelling to school or those wanting to avoid the stress of driving in rush hour traffic as they travel into the city centre.

Local bus transport and Light Rapid Transport (LRT) stations are only a few minutes away from Windsor Park, and some of the luxury condos for sale in the area also boast exceptional parking facilities for those that prefer to travel by car. Some even have underground heated parking for convenience, ultimate security and peace of mind.

The third advantage of investing in luxury condos in this part of Edmonton is that its central location makes the area exceptionally placed for enjoying all the amenities and facilities that the city has to offer. Residents can enjoy some of the best restaurants, professional services, boutiques and stores in all of Alberta.

In addition to this, the city boasts world class education and health care, which is perfect for families with children or retired people looking to take care of their health as they get older. With everything you could possibly need right on your doorstep, a residence near Windsor Park is the ultimate in convenience and luxury.

Fourthly and finally, one major reason why a luxury condo in Windsor Park is such a great idea is that there is an exceptionally high standard of property to be found in this area. Many of the new properties here feature interiors finished to an exceptionally high standard, as well as offering a variety of extras such as super fast internet, secure parking and interior personalization options.

With many of the builds in the area not yet complete, there is also still time for people interested in purchasing a condo in a Windsor Park property to tailor their apartment to something that suits them, with a range of floor plans and luxury finishes available.

Windsor Park is not only a fantastic place to live due to its location, standard of living and excellent connections to world class amenities, but the properties available here themselves offer a standard of luxury living that everyone will delight in.

Bullying: The Human Nature of Control

Things are not always as they seem. Human nature does not like to be declared wrong. To be whole and pure, we must see this and overcome our human nature. Today’s Boston Globe, front page (13 Oct 2015) tells of how a medical examiner’s notes revealed the sad state of affairs. It showed how a medical examiner was bullied by the District Attorney’s office to hide the truth in the death of the baby, Nathan Wilson, ten years ago. The original prognosis was thought to be head trauma or shaken baby syndrome. The medical examiner continued and discovered new facts that pointed out a family history of the vessels in members of families. Now, he found it hard to stand by his original prognosis in this case. He found he was ‘unable to determine with any clarity’ his death was a murder of any kind. The DA’s bullying keeps the Wilson in the public eye as suspects of taking their child’s life and making them look like Demon of society. It is enough to lose a child, but why put that additional stigma on anyone’s life. Society today seems to be based not on what is good and right, but how those who feel inferior can use situations to position themselves for their purpose. It attempts to turn others from the truth, by making innocent situations into mountains of the tragedy that overwhelm their targets to the point of insanity. It is time these targets get their day in court, free to speak publicly about their tortured lives, so that they can walk tall and proud on a new path towards the light of Heaven. We must hide the truth and allow our torturers to stand in the limelight of the Devil himself.

We, the tortured walk the same path that Jesus did many years ago in silence, doing our best to help as many as possible. Jesus lives and leads us out of that limelight and into the truth. As we move into new surroundings to escape the foolish ways of the Devil who is always trying to expose the weaknesses to those amongst us, we must push aside any judgments of others in our lives. It is not our job to judge anyone, but to walk in love and follow the Way. This Way is the byway of life that will expose the truth in our caring and loving ways. It is in our ability to move forward gracefully after being forced out that the true power of Jesus becomes clearer in our lives. We all must live under one roof together until Jesus returns to His Father in Heaven when the souls of the dead will awake and their book of life exposed. How will those who have used us to seek power answer? How will we answer to what we have written in the book of our lives? As the time grows shorter for this return, the Devil will be working harder and harder to bully us to get on his side against God. The Devil believes he can win in the end, or he would never have accepted God’s challenge to gather an army to overtake Him. The Devil works against us not only in the workplaces and social gatherings but also in our homes turning siblings against siblings. Sibling rivalry can be heard as one exposes little flaws to make their sibling into a massive mountain of problems to turn their parents against their child or household member. This is nothing new, as pointed out in Genesis 37 as Joseph, a seventeen-year-old lad was shepherding a flock of sheep with his brothers, and it tells he brought an ill report to their father, Israel. Joseph appears to have been his father’s firstborn son and loved him openly, and it appeared to his brothers their father loved Joseph more than the rest of his children. So they grew jealous as Joseph could do no wrong in his father’s eyes. Like any young man or child, he got excited to share events of his life with his other siblings and parents. His parents made light of it, as most parents will, jesting with him asking if they should all bow down before him. But children being children, his siblings got tired of hearing him and were jealous of his openness and the warm connection he had with their father. They plotted secretly against their brother, and when their father sent Joseph out to check on his siblings and the flock they were shepherding he couldn’t find them.

When Joseph finally found them in a neighboring town of Dothan, he was unaware they were all conspiring against him to kill him. One young lad stood up, Reuben, and convinced them that killing was wrong. So as their brother, Joseph came up to them they merely disrobed him of his long gown-like cloak publicly and tossed him into a pit that was empty and without water. The brothers then went and talked without Reuben who had convinced them it would be wrong to kill their brother. The brothers decided to sell their brother to some passing Ishmaelite traders for twenty shekels. The Ishmaelites took Joseph with them to Egypt.

They lied to Reuben when he asked about the empty pit, and what to do with Joseph’s robe. So to conceal their misdeeds they killed a goat and dipped their brothers cloak in its blood, then brought it to their father to identify. Recognizing his son’s cloak, he rendered his cloak for that of his sons and wept for his loss. His sons and daughters seeing their father so sad, tried to console him. It was the jealousy of his siblings that caused their father’s painful suffering over the loss of his first-born Joseph in a concealed lie.

However, they did not destroy their brother’s good name. For Joseph had been traded once more when he got to Egypt, and the Lord was in him doing good. He was a very attractive and of kind demeanor that brought out kindness for all to see. His new master saw the goodness inside of him, and him once again became successful in serving as the overseer of his Master’s House. He feels truly blessed with his new setting and served it with pride and respect, and his master had no problem leaving him with all his worldly possessions. He never lost what he had when serving under his father’s household looking after his younger siblings and reporting back. His siblings forced him out instead of their original plans to kill him, and he moved on to God’s love to continue to bring peace as he entered a new place in society.

Eventually, his master’s wife became disheartened by her husbands’ apparent lack of attention to her needs. She looked outward and saw her husband’s overseer, a good-looking, handsome gentleman, only looking out for the welfare of his present surroundings and attending to him as he once did his father. She grew more and more desirous of having him satisfy her needs as well, and when she approached him, he refused every time. As history shows, the Devil will not take NO for an answer, and waits patiently for his golden opportunity. One day, while he was doing his chores and no one, was around, his master’s wife caught him by his cloak, leaving him exposed. He ran away in shame innocent of what she had planned next, the ultimate lie of deception. She concocted a story about this Hebrew man who her husband took favor it and convinced the others in the household he had come on to her. Later that night she told the same story to her husband, and how he left his garment with her as he fled the house. Upon hearing this lie, his wife was telling, her husband became enraged and had Joseph imprisoned for his behavior.

Once again Joseph was removed from a difficult situation, and one he held with great pride to a new setting. God never turned his back on Joseph continuing to show his steadfast love for his faithfulness to him. This time, God opened the keeper of the prison’s eyes toward Joseph’s favor. God allowed him to find the same favor as Josephs’ father had, and his new master once had, and let Joseph handle the care of the other prisoners and what was done there; Joseph was the doer of it. He had once again found favor with the head of the new surroundings he found himself in and prospered in his new role. As time went on once again, and Joseph got comfortable in his new surroundings and duties.

Over time and with each situation Joseph became well-known for his ability to interpret the dreams of others. But it was not Joseph, it was God himself who found favor in Joseph acting through him to bring out the best in others. Joseph was the victim of bullying all his life starting with his brothers, to his master’s wife, and in each new situation as he got comfortable and happy with his new surroundings for he knew the Lord was with him and found favor in his actions.

This story as it continues shows us that is the bullied targets in life in whom God has found favor. They can take any situation and make the most of it by just being who they are and trusting the Lord. Sadly, outsiders enter in and try to tempt us into acting out against our better judgment. If we continue to hold the favor of God in our heart and do as He leads us without bowing to the Devil’s hand that the bullies hold over us, we will be just fine. God knows when we have had enough torment by bullies and opens a new door or chapter in our lives for us to experience.

Bullying is one of the major tools the Devil employs and hands out to his followers to entrap others to follow him to the bottomless pit of Hell in the end. However, it is the target that can move freely from one situation to the next unscathed as they walk behind Jesus leading them to a better place to live forever with him and his Father in Heaven. A place where the lion lays down with the lamb and there is no more evil. As we read this scripture, we see that Joseph did not treat anyone any differently and cast no judgment on those that persecuted him wrongly. He trusted his Eternal Father to be there always and show him the way. This is how we must all be with one another. From our experiences we know it is not easy, and yet Jesus himself has to experience the same for us, he died for us so that we may have eternal life. So, when the door closes on one part of your life – smile and walk out with pride knowing that God is with you and finds favor in all you do. Know that somehow you will get through it, and once again the paths you walk will prosper from your journey. Smile and treat all with the same respect as you do your mother and father. Do not judge them by how they treat you, or others. They are on the same road with you, and yet their journey is long and cumbersome; they are jealous of how carefree and joyous the same road seems for you. Now, I move forward once more through the doors of retirement into a new world, less structured, as I pursue the pen and become the writer I am inside.

Putting All This Into Real Focus

As I read that verse from the Bible, suddenly my life seemed very real and I felt closer to God than ever before. He has never deserted me in my life. He was showing me how the bullies in society need to feel control, and they pick the one they feel is most vulnerable. The one who is quiet, studious and hardest working to study and learn their every habit and movement. Once they get that down, they move in slowly for the kill. They are the sweetest as pie to your face, but turn your back on them for one second and they jab you in the rear HARD so they know you feel it. As you try to be strong and resist, they get more determined and agitated with your resistance level. Soon they move in closer to those you are friends with, and plant ominous seeds of doom in their brains. Oh, they are no dummies – in fact, they are quite smart when it comes to achieving control. They know how to push buttons to benefit themselves. They do it quite well. When you are the target of a bully, your perspectives are put to the utmost test. In the end the bully generally wins, after all those around you know if they cross a bully’s path they will be the next target. It does not matter if they are the victim’s boss or their co-worker, suddenly they are in control. How do you stop them? You can’t! But you can quietly wait for that moment to make your own move, the day will come when you are working and they keep walking by your desk slamming the drawer you are working in and in a nasty tone exclaim, “SAFETY HAZARD!” Until you re-open the drawer to continue without showing emotion, and they repeat that action again and again. After an hour of this childish behavior, you decide to stand by the drawer when they go to pass and refuse to move making them go around you. This infuriates the bully to no end, as you have dared to stand up to them. No one does that and gets away with it. They feel forced to impose a stricter sanction over you, and you get called in a few days later – unaware, until your computer is shut down and you are called in for a so-called “administrative leave while they ‘investigate’ you!” Hopefully at that time you have enough time built up, and you can pull the rug out from under them – moving on, retiring to a better life and smiling leaving the bully behind to find their next ‘bird of prey’.

Well, perhaps moving on to your next safe space to recharge is one answer. It has been for me. The time from one bully to the next helps you to heal and prepare for your next battle. The sad thing in the workplace, you are doing your job and not paying attention to their childish nature for control. Bullies are insecure, and feel in your place they would be better suited – but they never really prove themselves in any job. They just move from one target to the next raping them of their responsibilities and life blood until finally they either get management on their side to get rid of you or force you out in another way. They do not realize that when they let you move on, their control over you shifts back to you. You move to a new turf and once again you are free to exercise your inner ability and realize God has unending steadfast Love that he never takes away. He is always there tending his sheep (YOU are one of them!) You are allowed to demonstrate your abilities once more and given new turf to freely expand into. So here you continue until the next bully enters your world and marks you are their target. Hence, the vicious cycle of life goes on. The Lord is always their for those marked as the victim (or target) of bullying and if you watch carefully, you can see how he uses their action to pull you out with his steadfast love so another more needy person(s) can find favor in your talent, time and abilities. The are ready to accept you, and give you some of their responsibilities so they can move on themselves and elevate both you and them to the next level. So, next time Mr. or Ms. Bully confront you with their nature of control heightened – just turn to them and calmly say, “Thank you!!”

Toronto Real Estate Report Fall 2015

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2015, the Toronto real estate market continues its seemingly unstoppable pace. 8,200 house or condominium trades took place in September, making it the highest sales-volume-September on record. The Toronto Real Estate Board has predicted that a total of 100,000 sales to take place in 2015. If that number is achieved, it too will be a record.

We still do not have a balanced market. Sellers are few and Buyers are many. The City of Toronto has only 2.2 months of inventory currently listed. This supply represents about half the number of listings needed for a balanced market, and is down 7.3% from last year. Buyers still find themselves in competition for the homes they want.

The average sale price for any dwelling in the Greater Toronto Area is $627,395, up 9% from September 2014. Benchmark prices – the sale price of a home deemed most typical of its area – are also up in several key neighbourhoods. For detached houses in the Toronto Real Estate Board’s districts of Lawrence Park and Forest Hill North, September’s benchmark price was over $1.3 million. That represents an 11% gain year over year. Benchmark prices in the districts of North Toronto and Forest Hill South rose 7% to over $1.2 million. The districts of Casa Loma, Deer Park and The Annex gained slightly at 2% with a benchmark of close to $1.4 million. The district of Rosedale and Moore Park had a benchmark price of nearly $1.7 million – another 2% gain.

Every year, Toronto gains approximately 100,000 citizens, many of whom have chosen to make this city their home. Other new households are created by divorce, by young adults starting out on their own, or by couples becoming families. There is constant pressure for the city to create new places to live. However, Toronto’s size is limited by the Greenbelt and the lake. The demand for quality homes is greater than the supply.

As long as the demand for houses or condominiums is greater than supply, prices will be strong. As long as interest rates remain low, Buyers will be able to borrow money inexpensively. It is hard to imagine a savings program or financial instrument that will give a better rate of return than real estate. A house or condominium in Toronto remains one of the best financial ventures one can make – and you get to live in your investment.

Why Choose Campervans Above the Other Modes of Travel?

Reasons to Choose Campervans over the rest

Unlike living in hotels and leading a monotonous life, RVs allow people to live a life just the same way as they would live in the comfort of their homes. It allows people to move around from one place to the other along with the comfort of living in a house with all the necessary amenities. These vehicles contain facilities for sleeping, cooking food, water supply, electricity, refrigerator, cabinets etc. and thus contains several other amenities that the ones who are using would prefer.

An RV is something that allows a person or a group of individuals to travel to their desired destinations independently without a fixed Itinerary. It saves up on money spent on various modes of transport like Air tickets; Rail passes etc. and allows one to smoothly move from one place to the other. For those who like Photography or natural sightseeing, the usage of a campervan is something that is the best option. Leading a life of leisure by being in a comfort zone of doing whatever one feels like is something an RV allows one to do. They are also feasible for those who intend to move to comfortable areas during extreme weather especially those who are elderly and cannot endure the harsh weather conditions.

RVs are usually modified or converted forms of large utility vehicles that are customized according to the needs of the one using it. They are modified according to the number of people who intend to use it and accordingly adjusted. There are several agencies that aid RVs and allow people to choose from the varied vehicles that they have in stock. These vehicles are accordingly modified and depending on the needs and the size of the vehicle is therefore determined. Multipurpose vehicles allow the users to choose from amongst the amenities like air conditioners, dining spaces, mini bars and other luxurious amenities that they intend to add.

How to find the right vehicle?

Apart from campervans, there are food trucks available as well in order to let people start a catering business of their own. Food trucks, too come loaded with all amenities that can help one to prepare food inside the truck right from scratch. Similar agencies provide such vehicles where according to the needs of the one purchasing or hiring it can be modified. In order to look for such companies providing such services, the Internet is the best place to obtain information. One can also know of the rates for purchase or hire and accordingly choose the one that fits their bill.